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You only get one shot to make a first impression. For many companies in the Bay Area, the look and feel of their business is what customers base their initial judgement on. With Orozco’s professional commercial painting, you can ensure your business comes across as professional, high-end, and dependable. It doesn’t matter if you’re  running a small startup or an international organization, we have the painting services to meet your needs.



As one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and where you spend most of your time, your home deserves to be kept in great condition. Getting a fresh paint job is a quick, cost-effective, and easy way to take your home from drab and dreary to looking new. Whether you’re selling your home, doing a quick makeover, or simply want a new look, our residential painting service can deliver the transformative results you want.



It takes a special kind of paint and application process to make sure exterior paint maintains its color and integrity for long periods of time. At Orozco, we've perfected our exterior painting services to provide both homeowners and business owners with long-lasting and industry-leading results. With the best equipment and the talented painters, we have the resources needed to tackle any exterior painting project.



Contemporary trends are constantly changing, and so may your personal style and preferences. With Orozco's professional interior painting services, you can easily update the ambiance of your home or business. We know just how much a solid paint job can transform the feeling of a room. Whether you need some aesthetic touch-ups here and there or a full-blown repainting, we've got you covered.



Are you tired of the way your cabinets look but don't want to invest in a complete remodeling? We can help! Repainting your cabinets can provide you with an  entirely new look without breaking the bank. Our talented painters can work around any obstacles or challenges to ensure the only thing left behind is a professional-quality paint job. Not sure what color you want to use? We can help you find the right shades to match with the rest of the room.


Deck Fence

Your deck is the living room of your backyard - it's where everyone gathers to hang out and unwind. Unfortunately, the paint on your deck suffers under the negative effects of weather. At Orozco, we offer professional deck painting services that will ensure your deck looks great year-round. Our professional painters will tackle every angle of your deck from the stairs and the railing, to the posts and the sides. You'll never have to endure the sight of a peeling deck again!


Stucco & Brick

At Orozco, we've got the skilled team, cutting-edge equipment, and effective techniques needed to tackle the toughest painting projects. That even includes brick and stucco. These popular exterior design materials are notorious for being difficult to paint. With a comprehensive application process and specially designed paint, we can improve the look of these tough materials with ease. Our paint jobs are built to withstand the test of time no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.


Ceramic Countertops

You might've loved that tile design a few years ago, but now feel it is time for a change. Instead of spending too much money ripping it out and replacing it, you can get a cost-effective paint job from Orozco. Our team can take your ceramic countertops from old and outdated to stylish and fresh. The paint we use is designed to adhere seamlessly to tile so you don't have to worry about peeling, blemishes, or other imperfections. 



Bathtubs are the centerpiece of your bathroom. As a result, the color of your tub sets the tone for the rest of the space. If you’re tired of the look but don’t want to go through the hassle of tearing it out, a fresh paint job can do the trick! Our team can refinish your tub to restore it to its original shine, saving you significant time and money.

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